Sunday, August 21, 2005

Little Crab


agosto 2005
atami sunset beach
izu peninsula, japan

I wasn't able to post lately because of two very exciting things that has been keeping me very busy lately:

1. Las Fotografias is moving to a new home very soon! I will all let you know once the big move has been done.

2. I will be doing my first ever photography exhibit on Saturday, September 17th here in Tokyo, Japan. A band made up of musicians from the church I belong to here in Tokyo is having a concert and I am doing an exhibit with them at the same time. I am very excited, and at the same time, panicky! So many things to do, so many photographs to choose from and so little time!

But if you're in Tokyo around on that week-end, do drop by, say hello and enjoy the music and the photographs. :)